ELFI Technologies Ltd - the Manufacturer of the unique CS-mini Portable Security System


ELFI Technologies Ltd is a company having been operating for more than 25 years in the field of electronics and precision mechanics as a main profile especially portable security and hidden security systems.


In the beginning we were engaged in designing, installing and operating different security and alarm systems. For the last 1.5 decades we have been focusing on specific, more narrow fields of security technics, especially on developing innovative, unique solutions for security guard equipment.


Thus, we have developed our portable surveillance system based on our own patented invention. This system can be used by professional security services as the part of the security guard equipment and by patrols but also by individuals for multi-faceted purposes in surveillance of objects, panic signalling, temporary closing of different areas, etc. In spite of its sophisticated technical content our device can be handled very simply. It provides an effective support for security personal, improves the quality and efficiency of activities in the fields of personal and property protection and enables to cut personal costs.


ELFI Technologies Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer of CS-mini portable surveillance security system!


CS-mini have been successfully operated by different security companies and police forces internationally.