The real portable security system

CS-mini is a portable electronic surveillance system and covert intrusion signalling device


CS-mini is a small-size, light, portable and covert surveillance system functioning wireless that can be installed simply and quickly, anywhere and anytime – so the infrared security device is applicable as a trap right away. CS-mini is a portable infrared security system, containing a built-in GSM-communicator which gives a call and also sends SMS for the previously programmed numbers in case of alert. GSM-alarm!



Security Essen 2014, Essen, Germany

23-26 September
Stand 4.0-115


New products


Portable and wireless surveillance camera system with hidden active infrared sensor.

product brief


Portable and wireless surveillance camera system

product brief

Some possible applications:



  • portable security system functioning wireless
  • active infrared sensor (with a range of 1-70 meters)
  • GSM-communication
  • covert security system, easy to hide
  • applicable as an electronic trap – anywhere, anytime
  • can be used both for professional and personal security purposes
  • perfectly suitable for special, temporary defense tasks
  • outdoor application in waterproof case


CS-mini in hand CS-mini unit Outdoor unit