CS-mini is a portable security surveillance system consisting of an Infrared Transmitter and an Infrared Receiver with a GSM-Communicator Module. Units are connected to each other through an invisible infrared beam of 70 meters as a maximum. As interrupting this infrared barrier GSM-Communicator calls and sends message(s) for previously programmed telephone number(s).




With increasing threats ranging from terrorism to common vandalism, the security of our entire transportation infrastructure has become paramount.




  • Terrorism
  • Assault and theft prevention
  • Graffiti
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

CS-mini offers a complete solution to theft, vandalism, and graffiti prevention in transportation.

CS-mini is ideal solution for quick, temporary deployment or permanent installation where power and communications options are limited on huge territories as for example railways and rail car park.

CS-mini can send the alarm to a security service/patrol, so immediate action can take place fast, intruder can be caught in the act. All you need to do is to program the phone number(s) of the security service / patrol in CS-mini for the alarm, of course beside the phone number of the user(owner).


The advantages of CS-mini:

  • portable
  • long operation life with batteries
  • wireless
  • set up in minutes
  • easy to set up sensor
  • hidden
  • outdoor/indoor operation
  • not interfere with the outdoors
  • alert in any distance (with GSM network)
  • reliable


Why active-infrared?

Because it will work better outdoors than passive infrared, it is more reliable, it less interferes with changing weather; the sensitivity is set so that flying birds, bugs, falling leaves etc. do not disturb the operation, false alarms are rare. Large areas can be protected (70m), easy to hide and beside it is important that the sensor is easy to be set up and requires no special knowledge of installation. It’s easy for one person to position the system.

CS-mini may be pole mounted, tree mounted, mounted on trailers or buildings,etc., You can hide it anywhere.


Relay output: can be configured as NC or NO

CS-mini can be used to trigger additional equipments through the relay output.

For example:

  • Camera system to get a video
  • Recorder system to get the voice
  • Loud alarm system etc.


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